PICOCON 33 and I got older

Picocon 33: Origins has now happened and the SciFi library has stopped looking like a frantic booklet folding factory. For those who aren’t aware, Picocon is a tiny ComicCon, i.e. a mini ultimate nerd fest organised by ICSF. It included talks from guest authors, silly games, readings and viewings of hilariously terrible content with the chance to bid money to make it stop and destruction of dodgy merchandise with liquid nitrogen and big hammers. The one thing that most certainly didn’t occur was a fish duel and I most definitely did not have salmon stored in my fridge, stinking out the kitchen.

Overall, it was just a lovely day filled with happy, quirky people and unnecessarily purchased books, 5 of which are now on my endless reading pile. If anyone is reading this in just under a year, Picocon’s about to happen, so you should go 🙂

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In other news, I’m less small now, though still the baby of most societies. I received a surprisingly large bunch of food from a combination of parents and friends and a slow cooker from the former. Work was also lovely and got me some cute lights for my bedroom, which don’t suit the way I tend to act but confirm that I’m secretly domesticated.


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