The Battle of the Fake Twitter Followers

We’ve learned a lot about online tools. One tool that I found quite interesting is Twitter Audit, which allows you to see how many real or fake followers a Twitter account has. The results are quite interesting, some people may not be as popular as they seem.

10) Cristiano Ronaldo (36%)

Cristiano Ronaldo

9) Barack Obama (37%)

Barack Obama

8) Rihanna (38%)


7) Katy Perry (39%)

Katy Perry

6) Justin Bieber (42%)

Justin Bieber

5) Kim Kardashian (48%)

Kim Kardashian West

4) Oprah Winfrey (53%)

Oprah Winfrey

3) Donald J. Trump (64%)

Donald J. Trump

2) Ellen DeGeneres (74%)

The Ellen Show

1) Kanye West (92%)

Kanye West

How many of your followers are real?

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