Surgeons are amazing.

So this term I have been extremely lucky to have been doing Surgery at Ealing. It really is a fantastic hospital to work at. Thankfully even though it is quite far away, it is a straight bus from my house in Brook Green to Ealing Hospital- I LOVE the 607.

I was working on colorectal surgery at Ealing for 5 weeks- it was so gross but so interesting. I saw some surgeries during my attachment that honestly my stomach was not prepared to see, and I can normally cope! For example, the first surgery when my scrubs got tarnished with faecal material I really did reconsider my career path.

Saying this, the teaching was fantastic. I had Mr Mohamed and Mr Chopada who were some of the best surgeons I have seen and I was so lucky to “sponge” of them (as they like to say). They were always willing to engage with us students and we were lucky to have been taught so much, even over our coffee breaks.

This is something that I absolutely love about Imperial and the teaching here. The surgeons and staff I have had at hospitals have always been so willing to teach. Despite the busy wards, everyone really does give their time to us to make sure that we are being trained up well. It makes the 8am starts and the £9,000 for the year much more worth it.

Honestly, I have loved surgery and I will be sad to leave this attachment. Surgeons have such a difficult, high pressured job and it has been so humbling to be able to shadow and sometimes help them. I even got a chance to meet Mr Batura, a very wise Urology Surgeon, who showed me the ropes of endoscopy for a while. Ahhh!! Everyone in surgery is so nice!!!

Surgeons are great. Imperial teaching from surgeons is great. I just don’t think I’d ever be able to do what they do. Who knows what career path I will end up down, just hopefully it won’t involve more faecal material…please.


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  1. n.n. says:

    Hi Mala, as a prospective student at Imperial I really enjoy reading your blogs. Would you possibly be able to do another “Day in the life of an Imperial med student” video? Your last one (first year I think) was awesome:)

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