Brace yourselves!

This absolutely makes sense to me, but there was a time where this would have looked like another language to me.
There was a time where this would have looked like another language to me. And that time…was last term.

Hi all!


Apologies for no video this week. This week I’m getting a report set (essentially a write-up for an experiment). Therefore I shall be spending the weekend putting my heart and soul into it. Therefore I decided to get all of my other work into the past 5 days to free up as much time to work on my report (working to free up time to do more work feels a bit weird, but there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… at some point).

In other news, I have been keeping up with the accordion practice! I think the dream would be to perform in public somewhere. I looked up the rules for bucking at South Kensington tube station a while back, but I think you need to audition in front of a panel of judges and go through a whole process. The next best thing would probably be having a go at the open-mic night at the local pub. In the meantime, I will settle for people overhearing me in the Woodward Music Rooms while I play the star wars cantina band theme.

I thought I might also give a run-down on my course like some of my fellow bloggers have done (shout-out to Dora and Amanda!). These are all of the modules which I currently take:

Mathematics – I think it has something to do with numbers and stuff.

Mechanics – split into statics and dynamics; stuff that stays still, and stuff that… doesn’t.

Materials – how what a thing is made of and how it is made affects how it can be used.

Mechatronics – Electronics, but for Mechanical Engineers!

Stress Analysis – how an object changes as you apply forces to it.

Fluid Mechanics – how fluid behaves (much to my surprise, fluids aren’t just liquids!)

Thermodynamics – how energy behaves

Computing – in our course, we use MATLAB for programming in first year. I really enjoy using it, although I was seriously worried about using it since I had never done any programming before!

Design and Manufacture – one of the more hands-on modules. In this, we learn how to sketch, how the design process works, how to do 3D modelling on the computer, how to use the workshop equipment (Some of which is very large, slightly unnerving, but totally awesome), and a lot more! Currently, we are designing a drive-transmission system for a slurry pump for a building site.


That’s all, folks!


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