What I did this christmas

The view from my room
The view from my room
seasonal family game of scrabble
seasonal family game of scrabble

Hey Everyone!



So I just finished unpacking all of my bags back at my room at Woodward. After being given essentially all of the family Christmas leftovers (consisting mainly of many many boxes of crackers, at least 1.5kg of blue cheese, and a whole Christmas pudding), I had to end up bringing all of my belongings up to my room in a large gardening trolley. Still, at least that means that I will not need to buy much food for the next couple of months!

After day upon day of gorging on turkey, sitting around doing essentially nothing, and a reasonable quantity of revision and work, I think I am ready to get back to work. At the start of this term, I am starting a new module on computing. Since I have never learned a programming language before, safe to say I am a little nervous. Then again, I had not done fluid mechanics or half the stuff I am doing at the moment, and I think I am doing well so far, so I shall keep telling myself that everything is going to be fine.

I don’t buy too much into the whole “new year, new me” cliché – if there is a thing in your life that you want to change hard enough, the date you implement that change on should not be important – in the words of Shia LaBoeuf, “JUST DO IT!”. However, I think that if I had to amend my current approach to life at imperial, it would be to follow my two favourite principles:

1: The only decision that is stupid is indecision

2: don’t turn down an opportunity

both of these, as much as I hate it, can be summarised as carpe diem.

So, Carpe Diem!

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  1. Great blogs Harry! Just a quick question, because of the 38 week accommodation contracts, do you have to empty your rooms every holiday and go home? Or is there an option to stay?

    1. Hey Zeshan!
      Thanks for the question. Basically, up until the 38 week contract ends, as far as things stand, you do not need to empty your room. I know plenty of people who stayed in their rooms over Christmas, and I know I will probably be making use of my room over the Easter holiday.

      So, in short answer to your questions, you don’t have to empty your room, and you can stay in it over the holidays within the 38 week contract 🙂

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