#Christmas holiday specials# Trip to Edinburgh!!! (Day 1)

So It’s nearly the end of the Christmas holiday. After staying at my room and revising for the whole day (not lying), I’ve decided to do some blogging before sleep…(or it’s because I can’t FALL ASLEEP!!!) I’m gonna write about my trip to Edinburgh over new year. This is my first trip I’ve ever took since I got to UK …and Edinburgh, undoubtedly, has become the furthest north place I’ve ever been. So many ‘firsts’ make this one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had.


Experience on the British Railway…

I got up really early (6am) to catch the train leaving from King’s cross (7:30am).  The train ride took around 4 hours with severe delay en route!!! I have to take this opportunity to say that comparing to China, British railway system sucks. Seriously, some stormy wind would easily force the train to restrict the speed down to 50 mph… I know this is a safety precaution but a better-designed train should be able to endure extreme weathers. And the trains were shaking like madness… Please visit China one day and try the Chinese railway system. You’ll love it and it’s much cheaper! Oops…Kinda missed the topic of this blog…




So I have arrived. Hooray! Next stop is to find my airbnb house. It’s right in the middle of the Old town Edinburgh and only a 2 min walk to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. After getting everything settled down, we are ready to our first event of the new year trip…the LIGHT TORCH PROCESSION! (or witch hunt as my mate Tony likes to say)

The Marvelous Light Torch Procession

So we left the house for the procession. We first get onto the Royal mile, a long road that witnessed nearly the entire history of Edinburgh. It passes through the old town with the most famous tourist sites on its two ends, Edinburgh Castle and The Palace of Holyroodhouse. We have collected the torches and getting ready to wait in the queue. ERHHHHH I wish you could hear the beautiful Scottish music in the background! Anyways, the waiting in the queue part took longer than expected…40 minutes or so in the strong winds (Temperature easily drops to below 5C) Later we follow the crowd walking through Royal mile, Pricnce’s street and to the destination, Carlton hill where we saw the first fire work show before the new year.





So that’s all for Day 1. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff from Day 2 where we visited the Castle and ….to the Hogmanay street party for the new year countdown!!! Again, guys please leave comments for questions and special requests. Thanks!

As always… until next time, bye! 😛



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