Summary of Academic Life in Term 1.


With the joys of the winter carnival on a Friday night few weeks ago, we have officially finished the first term at Imperial. Christmas holiday officially begins! Holiday means having a butt load of fun and spending time with your loved ones. It is also a great time to think about what we have achieved last term and how we would have improved to make our life easier next term. Here’s my personal reflection upon the academic experience in term 1. (Short and Concise)


This might sound so cliché, but it’s just that important to be discussed over and over. Last term I made some ‘unwise’ decisions that gives me inadequate amount of time for some courseworks. Lucky for me, I still managed to achieve good grades on these works. However it has made me realized that if I’m this clumsy in term 1 of year 1, things could get pretty nasty for me in the following terms. So if you have decided to make the plan (General plan would do, don’t plan things one after another, give yourself some breaks in one day, you never know what will come up next to disrupt your plan), then STICK TO IT.


My personal tutor, who I shall not disclose his name, is a diligent scientist specialized in plant physiology. He has given me so much help on choosing different programs of my study here (Like sandwich year of year in industry/abroad) and ways to look for internships/research assistants positions. Try to book an one-to-one appointment with your PT to actually discuss things with him/her face to face, instead of sending an email which could take forever to get a reply. There are so much more things that can be done in an face-to-face talk that are impossible in emails.

R? The earlier you know it, the easier your life will be in the future

Software R is a statistics-analysis tool to interpret a large quantity of Biological data. Its interface is entirely different from excel (everything needs to be typed in the command line). According to some seniors and R lecturers, once you get the hang of it, it will be much more useful/handy than excel.

That would be all from me. Until next time, Bye 😀



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