Will technology run you?


“Today is the slowest pace of change we’ll ever experience.”


With the continuous advancements in technology, will the marketing profession be taken over by robots? How will we have to change the way we market to people? How can we take advantage of opportunities in technology?

Recently, Jonathan MacDonald from Thought Expansion Network held an inspiring lecture during our Digital Marketing module about the fast-paced changes in technology, how these could shape the future, and methods and actions we can take.

We all know how technology is changing the way we live and do things, but Jonathan really opened up our minds and pinpointed real drastic changes happening in digital and technology that you may have overlooked.

Lets look at some examples…

We’ve all heard of 3D printers right? Recently, a supercar was 3D printed; it’s faster than any Ferrari or Lamborghini currently on the market. How do you think this will change the automobile market?

3D printed supercar


What if your board director was an algorithm?

algorithm board director


Some men in Japan prefer dating a virtual girlfriend. Would you date one?

Japan virtual girlfriend


You may soon be able to take a smart pill that tells you exactly what is wrong with you and what drug you need to cure your illness. How will we market products to people that already know what they need?

smart pill


So, what should we be doing? Jonathan highlights 3 key actions that companies should take:

1. Elevate – find out what adds value and elevate

2. Innovate – not a me-too strategy…and by innovation he doesn’t mean selfie shoes either

selfie shoe

3. Activate – start doing stuff


“I’m not a futurist, I’m a nowist.”


Jonathan concluded by highlighting that we are the future; we can create a future that we want and that we’d be happy living in. So, what’s my future as a marketer? What kind of future will you build?

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