Christmas Cheer For One And All!

Hey Everyone!


The past few weeks has been another whirlwind session of lectures, tutorials, and assorted social activities (due to the impending progress tests, the latter was slightly reduced). I fiddled around with an engine and gearbox, revised, made a cheese blanket, and last but not least, took not one, not two, but seven progress tests, all of which I think went alright!

We also tested out our hovercrafts (see my previous post!). The race track was a lot longer than I thought it would be, but our hovercraft could a) go in a straight line, and b) do that in a very speedy time. Alas, my team was not fast enough, as we did not make it to the semi finals. Better luck next time!

Having revised quite a bit, I think I somehow managed to pull though with the progress tests. My fundamental coping mechanism when I receive my results will be to focus on the word “progress”; this is where I am starting at, so if I have done really well, that is awesome, but if I have got a few questions wrong, at least that shows me where my weak spots are, and how I can improve.

On the upside, its the most wonderful time of the year! Soon I shall be embarking on a train back to my home town, after which I will enjoy family, presents, and copious amounts of Christmas pudding. Also, I need to watch star wars before it gets spoiled for me, which becomes an increasing likelihood as more people I know have watched it.

Lectures can take their toll on us Mechanical Engineers
Lectures can take their toll on us Mechanical Engineers
The great hovercraft runway
The great hovercraft runway


Merry Christmas everyone!


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