Foundry Night

The weekly Foundry Night is always a pleasant reminder that another week just passed… And another… And again… It feels like we moved in yesterday, though I’ve been here for more than two months already!

For those who don’t know: Foundry is the wonderful bar located in block A of Woodward Hall. There is a 20% discount for students and the food is quite decent. So my dearest flat created a tradition: we go there every Sunday evening to spend some time (and money) together…

Foundry Nights have a special importance in the flat’s life. We start to plan them around 1 pm on Sunday, we decide when to go, what to wear. The latter is not always easy… For the first couple of times, we just wore whatever we wanted. But than (after some accidental conjuncture of clothing) we declared the new floor colour: burgundy.

Our floor colour: burgundy
Our floor colour: burgundy

That means it was essential and mandatory to wear burgundy on the Foundry Nights. Why? Because we wanted to collectively represent our beloved flat during that 20 seconds while we crossed the common room. 😀

Collectiveness is a significant issue for us: we are very proud to have a kitchen with uniquely arranged sofas, a PS4, an Xbox and a TV fitted with HDMI cable in order to connect all kinds of devices. These are all part of the “C12 feeling” – the feeling that whenever some outsider visits our floor, we introduce it as “home”, and it actually feels home. And a huge part of the C12 feeling is the weekly Foundry Night.

While we chat in the kitchen, we usually watch TV, do homework or cook dinner at the same time. But Foundry Night is different: we focus on each other’s stories. It’s all about being together, reviewing the week, laughing and smiling. And, of course, having dinner. I believe we are the only floor whose residents could name each and every item on the Foundry menu… (Yesterday we even managed to correct the waiter as he didn’t know the item we ordered from their own menu…) We tried most of them, so we know things like “the fish always comes first” or the “chicken burger is too peppery”.

Following the Foundry Night, we usually come back to the kitchen together and continue talking. But there’s another inevitable part of Sunday night: the Jorge Challenge. During the Foundry Night, the boys discuss some disgusting or unpleasant “challenge” which needs to be done by Jorge, a guy from our floor. He started to do these challenges voluntarily, and now he has no choice… 😀 The past few weeks’ Jorge Challenges included eating cat food, drinking all kinds of mixed alcohols, and eating a combination of all the spices we found.

I wanted to wrap up this post with a few quotes from my flatmates, so I sat down and asked them:

Why do you like our Foundry night?

And they answered:

We don’t like it. We LOVE it!!!

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