Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The scene is set: you’re stood in front of the entrance to a cave. Visibility is non-existent past the few metres in front of you. Suddenly, you hear footsteps. The footsteps slowly turn into a dishevelled figure and soon enough you’re met by this haggard stranger. He brushes his wild hair out of his face and as your eyes meet his, it strikes you that you know this person. But who is it?

Wait a second.


Yeah, that’s right. It’s-a me! It’s been so long that I wouldn’t be surprised if all of you thought my exams had completely annihilated me. Although it wasn’t quite that bad. my conversations after my final paper went something like this:










To enlighten you a bit more, I had 8 exams over 10 days and it was… not the most pleasant of experiences. Nevertheless, I made it through in one piece (more or less) and felt like I was walking on sunshine the final time I left the exam hall. With the exam period finally over, I contemplated all that had occurred over the past few months and came to the conclusion that something had to change. Seeing as the term was approaching it’s end and summer was eagerly creeping in, I decided the best course of action would be to get a haircut. I’d like to compare it to Alex Turner’s drastic change before releasing AM but frankly I just wanted to try  something new.

Hair Today Small
Spot the difference (Hint: It’s not the glasses.)

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