Summer ball, sunshine and going home :)

Since the end of term I have looked round at least half of London’s flats and houses. Things are a bit trickier this year as one of our housemates is an international student who doesn’t have a UK guarantor (someone who can sign a form to say they will pay her rent if she doesn’t). This is a real problem, especially with visas running out and houses in London costing all the money.

We did find one house that only required a guarantor for three out of the four of us, which sounded good until the estate agent lightly explained to us students, that we needed to show savings of £30000 each. Ah yes. I love living in London but trying to find a decent place to rent robs you of any remaining sanity even two months of exams and trying to remember what Lagrange’s equation is.

To be fair, these previous two years we have found houses without too much trouble (if you can take a positive spin on the rat, damp and carbon monoxide situations of this year), but this time we have had no luck. After countless viewings and making three offers we have, as of yet come up with nothing….


In happier news, we have also had the summer ball which was really good 🙂

It was held in the campus around Queen’s tower and was James Bond themed. (However, this went slightly amiss with the dangling figure of what I assume was James Bond strung up on Queen’s tower itself. It definitely looked a bit more macabre lit up in the spotlight than I think was intended!)


In the great hall there were various DJs and Professor Green, and downstairs there were bands (including my previous housemate Oscar’s band), a silent disco, bars and fairground rides.

Alex and I made it all the way through until 5am for the survivors photo at the Union!


It was also a bit sad, however, as some of my friends have finished their degrees this year.


After the summer ball my sister came down to London to enjoy the sunshine, tennis and a boat party!
Alex’s internship started this Wednesday in Basingstoke and he has already been sorting people’s pensions which should be scary if you have a pension and go to First Actuarial 😛

Meanwhile I’m finally back home and enjoying the start of my last summer holidays as a student. I hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine while it lasts!

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