What’s Happening in Paddington?

When I first started my Masters here at Imperial, I loved the South Kensington campus. The tall periodic buildings that surrounded it, the open lawn and copious activities within the campus – it all looked great. When I realised that this wasn’t my main campus, but Paddington was, I was a tad disappointed. As nice as Paddington is, it didn’t have the same elegant feel as South-Ken.

Nevertheless, I’ve grown to love my campus and appreciate all it’s little treasures, so I’ve decided to give a brief guide on things you can do if you ever find yourself on this campus!


1. Take a boat ride

There’s a river that runs straight through the campus, a boat ride is a nice pass-time, especially in the summer!



2. Admire the view

There are many bridges on this campus where you can simply stand and admire the view – (especially if you like tall buildings and murky rivers!)



3. Relax in Norfolk Park

This beautiful park is 5 minutes away from the campus. It’s a great spot to chill-out, and even have a game of giant chess!

DSC02933 DSC02939


4. Somewhere nice to eat

Look out for Bonne Bouche! Not only does it have a wide variety of delicious sweet treats, but there are baguettes, pies and other hot food as well, making one of our favorite places to eat right outside of Paddington campus.

DSC02886 DSC02882


So if you’re a new student who will be based here next year, or you just want to check out Paddington – take a look at some of these places, and I’m sure you’ll find some hidden gems of your own 🙂




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