Symptom 1: uncontrollable shrieking.

Symptom 2: endless hours wasted.

Symptom 3: hypersomnia.

Symptom 4: watching an entire season in one day.

Diagnosis: You’re done with exams!!!


I can’t believe that I can finally say that I am done with my first year at Imperial. The end seemed so far away, almost unattainable and, yet, here we are. Allow me to give you a little insight to those past few weeks; a rare glimpse into the hectic life of Imperial students during exam season. Well, mine anyway.

Each day I would wake up with determination; I am going to revise Maths today and do a couple of past papers. And so I get along with it. Only, after about an hour, I get bored and so entertain myself with whatever series I happen to be watching at the time (I believe it was Scandal). Before I know it, it is time for lunch.

‘Okay, after lunch I’ll tackle those complex numbers,’ I lie to myself, perhaps not so convincingly.

Five episodes later I regret all the procrastination and try to get something done only to suffer a fit of yawns and decide to call it a day, thinking to myself that tomorrow is the day where a miracle will occur and I’ll be super productive. Sadly, that never happened and I would find myself a few days before the exam in a state of utter panic trying desperately to cram a year’s worth of knowledge in less than twenty-four hours. It’s safe to say that all the guilt of wasting time instead of studying has completely vanished after Wednesday, which marked the end of a challenging year.

At times I would find it difficult that I used to be a different kind of learner. Imagine, if you will, a version of me who was always on top of everything, tutoring my friends, walking confidently into an exam knowing that I gave it my all. In a nutshell, a nerd. I guess my address was not the only thing that changed when I started university!

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