End of third year… almost

My exams finally finished today!

I think they went pretty well in general, although third year exams are hard (as you might expect!)

This was the first exam season where I’ve consistently struggled for time during the exams—normally I finish with a bit of time to spare and check things over, but this year has been a mad rush right until the end for almost every exam, which was disconcerting.

Except for one day of lectures related to next year (that I am accidentally missing by going to Cheltenham Science Festival next week) and the summer balls, I am now done with uni for the year! However, with Cheltenham starting in two days and me beginning my Independent Visitor scheme properly tomorrow, there are no lie-ins on the horizon…

Here is an ‘unofficial’ photo of our year: aaa

(The official one was re-scheduled right before an exam so no one went unfortunately!)

The summer won’t be completely free from university work however, as we have been given a Literature Review for our Masters project to complete over the summer to get us up to speed with the topic we will be researching. I’m really excited to start to look into the Physics of Food and perhaps do some tasty experiments of my own 😉

I’m also hoping to some kind of Horizons extension project this summer.

If you are looking into choosing universities or trying to find work experience and considering careers you might want to check out this new website (on which I also happen to have an interview on hehehe)



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