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At the beginning of May I had the opportunity to go with my friend to see the Lion King for her birthday! I often tend to talk about cheap and frugal things to do around London, as I’m often pinching pennies due to working part time and paying for my own rent while studying my masters here at Imperial.

With tickets starting from £30, this would be considered a very special treat for me and not considered within the normal “Hey – let’s hang out!” type of activity. Nevertheless, it was a great experience, and if you liked the movie at all, I would suggest you go and see it! Some parts were funny, some parts cheesy, but most would agree that the music was phenomenal!

Wish I could get you pictures or footage of the actual performance, but there was an angry looking woman who used her torch-light to blind anybody who tried to film, so you’re just going to have to make do with these pictures of my friend and I.

InstaSize_2015_4 _ 221387

When I searched online for cheap restaurants to dine at while we were in the West-end, I could only find very expensive 5 star-esq restaurants. So I went exploring around the area the morning before the show and found a whole cluster of restaurants next to the Lyceum theater with decent prices – such as two courses for £9.95! My friend and I ended up settling at a place called Bella Italia, and although it obviously served Italian food, we both settled for a decent portion of chunky chips and hand-made burgers with ciabatta buns. It was very tasty and we both agreed a great price for what we got.










It was a grand start to May for me, and nothing has been able to ruin it, not even the three pieces of coursework that were due in the next day (Yes. Three pieces of work… all due on the same day… thank you Preventive Cardiology).

Until next week!

~ Nebz


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