The Beginning of the End

There is less than twenty four hours before my first exam. So, instead of doing a much needed last minute revision session I decided to blog.

I had a lovely Bank Holiday (honestly I have no idea what this holiday is for despite its obvious name, but I am glad it exists! It can’t just mean that the banks are on holiday so everybody else is, or does it?) celebrating a friend’s birthday. I had my first sushi. Although I had a few misgivings about the whole raw fish thing, it turned out to be surprisingly good. Then we had a calming walk in Hyde Park and went on one of those pedal boats. Nothing like an hour long cruise on a lake on a fine spring afternoon to take your mind off of all the work you still have. Of course I felt the aftermath of all that pedalling the next morning; I could barely stand.

Pedalling the afternoon away
Pedalling the afternoon away

I also went to see John Bishop (a well-known British comedian) last Tuesday. Basically I am trying to take full advantage of whatever time I have left before the exams begin. He was hilarious, as usual, and that is another first for me; watching a comedian perform live, I mean.


The general elections were held today. As of this moment the results have yet to be announced. Though I can’t vote, the excitement that students experience when voting for their first time is quite contagious. I won’t say I am very political especially since I haven’t watched any of those debates (because I was studying of course!!).

There’s really nothing more to share, just a whole lot of revision and cramming. Speaking of which…

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