A week in the life of an ICSM Fresher: Saturday

I’m tired, so tonight’s post is going to be short!

I had a much needed lie-in this morning – so much for my plans to get up early to work in the library. But I’m entirely in agreement with the theory that you can’t live with all work and no play/sleep (although slightly regretting the work I could’ve done but didn’t…) After I eventually got up, I met my big brother Richard at Old Spitalfields Market – we had lunch at Giraffe (yum!) and then had a wander round – Rich was really impressed with being dragged to look at clothes and jewellery… But I’m happy because I got a cute t-shirt 🙂

Afterwards we went over to the Museum of London to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibition – it was really good. Richard definitely suits a Deerstalker better than I do…

I got back to SK a bit after 4, and then spent almost four hours in the library. I’ve got a pretty good idea how I’m structuring my essay now, and found some really good books to reference. (It was actually the first time I’ve taken books out of the library!) I quite like the essay subject; it’s just that 2000 words requires more concentration than I’m capable of. Planning to have a slightly shorter lie-in tomorrow so I can get a fair bit of it done … and then spend the afternoon revising Epidemiology for my exam on Tuesday.

I can hardly contain my excitement.

Since getting back I haven’t done much – just relaxed and played my guitar, which was definitely needed after my 4-hour library stint.

And now bed awaits,

Sleep well everyone.

Em xx

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