A week in the life of an ICSM fresher: Tuesday

Since suffering through both Religious Studies and Geography lessons every Tuesday when I was in year 7, it’s been my least favourite day of the week. The trouble with Tuesday is it’s not Monday (hence not relaxed after the weekend), but it’s still so long to the weekend.

At least it wasn’t raining this morning. I think the heating in halls has been turned down now that it’s March, but after lovely sunshine last week, we seem to have reverted back to winter. My room in halls is fairly big, so takes a lot of warming up; in the mornings at the moment it is FREEZING. This morning I couldn’t face emerging from my duvet-blanket-pillow nest until half-eight, so it was a bit of a rush to get to 9am lectures (again…)

First lecture was Lung Immunology: Allergic Airway Disease. Basically it was another lecture on Asthma. Fairly interesting though … I think … I’m never entirely awake at 9am…

Next we had a practical on Respiratory muscles … the main thing I remember is that the Rectus Abdominis muscle, in addition to its roles in maintaining posture and forceful exhale, is also used to push stuff out of the body – like babies and … I’m sure you can guess what else!

I also volunteered to be a guinea pig and the class got to listen to my respiratory muscles, when they relaxed or contracted (NB my Rectus Abdominis was only contracting when I ‘exhaled forcefully’ – nothing else!)

After that it was lunchtime, which is the best bit about Tuesdays because…






Ooh a dog!
Ooh a dog!





Chandan had Gyoza ...
Chandan had Gyoza …
... as did Katherine.
… as did Katherine.
I had Veggie Paella nomnomnom
I had Veggie Paella nomnomnom
All gone!
All gone!
Chandan had a brownie too...
Chandan had a brownie too…
... apparently it was good!
… apparently it was good!

After lunch was a lecture on lung mechanics, which I couldn’t understand (too physics-y) so I’m not even going to try talking about it.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon working in the library, so made some progress on my PBL assignment. I’m hoping to get it finished tomorrow so that on Thursday I can make a start on my Society & Health essay and Epidemiology revision (less than a week til the exam… eep!)

This evening I went over to the Charing Cross campus in Hammersmith for a couple of tutorials put on by some of the older medics in Music Soc. They were really helpful … I actually sort-of understand Immunology now – yay! Afterwards we had some delicious home-cooked food that they’d made for us, nomnomnom. And my wonderful friend Katherine had made a delicious gluten-free chocolate and raspberry cake 🙂

Before we went home Katherine gave me a beautiful, thoughtful present that she’d made for me – I was practically in tears of happiness, it really made my day ♥

And that was my Tuesday – overall pretty good, and definitely better than the bad old days of RS and Geography!

I’m off for a shower and then the best bit of the day – sleep 🙂

See you tomorrow!

Em xx

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