A week in the life of an ICSM Fresher: Monday

0100h: Went to bed. Really have no idea why I was up ‘til then, productivity ceased at about 9pm and I did nothing for the next four hours.

0800h: Alarm went off. I love bed. I hate alarm. Bed won.

0815h: Flolloped* out of bed. Then didn’t move for about 5 minutes whilst trying to come to terms with having moved from a supine to a standing position. (Had a lecture on this the other week – when we stand blood goes from the head to the legs because of gravity, but the sympathetic nervous system does some stuff to counteract it – unless it doesn’t, in which case you faint.)

0845h: Walked to SK campus. In the rain. Got to lectures (almost) on time.

(Slightly later than) 0900h: First lecture (before anyone’s woken up yet.) It was on Respiratory Pathology. To summarise: smoking causes lung cancer.

1000h: Had a break. Decided it wasn’t long enough to do work, so had a good ol’ gossip with my best friends, Katherine, Chandan and Beth, instead 🙂

1030h: Practical session on respiratory examination, so we were practising stuff like palpation, percussion and auscultation. Or for me and Ben, an opportunity to mess around with stethoscopes. Although practising percussing was useful – I will never make the mistake of trying to percuss someone’s scapula again!!

Honestly, I'm not that bad!
Honestly, I’m not that bad!
Alternative uses for a stethoscope.
Alternative uses for a stethoscope.

1200h: Lunchtime! I met up with my friends Barbie and Dom (fellow Operites, in final year and 2nd year respectively.) It was really lovely to catch up with them both, especially as not much is happening with Opera at the moment (although it will be soon!) At the end of this year Barbie’s off to Manchester to be a proper doctor – I don’t want her to go! 🙁

1300h: Mid-course quiz on Respiratory. I got 6/12… could have been worse!

1400h: Lecture on pulmonary circulation…. I would say more but I can’t think of anything else to say… I’m not entirely sure what it was about…. my mind was on other things (i.e. gorgeous lecturer!)

1500h: Lectures finished. Got some stuff done, including a bit more of my PBL assignment for Friday. It’s based on a case study about asthma management, and is kind of interesting, but finding recent, relative articles is very time-consuming, and not particularly exciting…

1800h: Went to a talk about Psychiatric drugs, and whether they actually have any benefits? It was really fascinating – antidepressants are definitely overprescribed, and according to the Psychiatrist giving the talk, possibly don’t offer any benefits and may even have an overall negative effect. It’s a perspective I hadn’t heard before, and definitely something I want to find out more about.

1930h: Got back to halls and stopped in at the office for a chat with Andrew. He’s a subwarden in HWJ halls, and works for the Student Union. He seems to know a lot about a lot, so can generally be relied on for a good chat 🙂

2030h: Went to Sainsbury’s Local (about 1 minute from halls) to buy food because I was running low on a few bits. Yum! Got back to have some food and write some blog.

Until tomorrow,

Em xx

*’to flollop’ means to fall into a standing position. Katherine came up with it. Great word.

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