When I started this degree, I was keen to get involved in a lot of things. Having missed the stalls during fresher’s week, I kept meaning to sign up for various clubs and sports that I was interested in. I have to say the majority of my plans failed, but one that I have stuck with is joining a campaign group called Mentality!

This group was formed by students who want to raise awareness of mental health and reduce stigma. It also gives advice on where to seek help if you are struggling with any problems. In my previous post I mentioned research that I’ll be carrying out on the link between mental health and cardiovascular disease. I chose this area because I feel that our mental well-being can have a great influence on our body, yet it is an area that doesn’t have as much research and unfortunately sometimes it’s importance is unacknowledged.

But leaving all of the science stuff aside, our mental well-being is about how we live our every day lives, so it’s important that we all take it seriously. I joined this group with the desire to reduce stigma, and it’s doing great so far. Some of the students have created an anonymous survey which will be used to improve mental health services at Imperial College, if you have time please click on the picture below and fill it out!


Also there’s going to be a stall up next Tuesday at the South Kensington campus, so feel free to drop by and find out more. If you want to get involved, visit:

~ Nebz

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