ChemEng Talent Show 2015

Last Tuesday (wow, it feels like a month ago now) I attended one of the biggest events in the Chemical Engineering Department: The ChemEng Talent Show 2015! It is a fantastic opportunity for Chem Eng students to chill for a night and enjoy some great performances as well as see another side to our lecturers who always prepare a surprise performance at the end of the show; no one knows what it is but you are certain that it will be memorable.

Most of the shows were of people singing and playing an instrument. There was a gymnastics show that was cancelled last minute due to health and safety issues though it would have added greater variety to the show. I quite enjoyed a performance by two guys in my year; they wrote their own lyrics to a rap song and their execution was spot on. They knew how to get the crowd excited and on their feet. Their lyrics dealt with a typical first year ChemEng student life so all of us could relate to it.

The winners this year's talent show.
The winners of this year’s talent show.

It seemed like the lecturers were planning to put on two shows because half way through they had a sort of comedy retort were a topic would be suggested and the lecturers would take turns to come up with a, hopefully, funny comment. These are the ones that still stuck with me until now.

The lecturer's "comedy retort".
The lecturer’s “comedy retort”.


Things you won’t overhear a first year say

“I got a girlfriend.” (That was met with great laughter and, dare I say, a few nods)

“Cambridge was my insurance choice.”(That was met with a lot of boos but I just smiled; it is a well-known fact that many ox-bridge rejects end up at Imperial, including yours truly!)

The "Poker Face" performance.
The “Poker Face” performance.

Another intriguing performance was an alumnus singing ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga with three male backup dancers who wore masks with the faces of some of the lecturers only for us to realise that one of them is a fellow lecturer!

Two and a half hours later we finally witnessed the most anticipated performance; the lecturers’ show. And let me tell you they did not disappoint! They danced to “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor and they were all wearing bright polka dot skirts including the male lecturers (thank God they wore wearing leggings as well with the dance moves they were doing!)

Sorry for the horrible quality, everybody was jostling to get photos an videos of the performance.
Sorry for the horrible quality, everybody was jostling to get photos and videos of the performance.


And finally the award ceremony and I am proud to announce that the two guys from my year won it! They couldn’t have represented us, the newbies, any better!

All in all it was an exciting night, and I could tell that this will become a new tradition for me. Well, for the next three years anyway.

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