A February Retrospective

I was half-way through my regular Sunday antics when it hit me that March had arrived.

“Where the hell did February go?” I wondered to myself.

Granted, it’s a few days shorter than the other months but even then you don’t expect 28 days to just fly by. After 4 months of adjustment, it seemed it was finally time to (sort of) stick to a concrete timetable throughout the week. I’d say it has a lot to do with the reappearance of Easter eggs. Normally, Easter eggs are great: they signal the coming of holidays, the end of winter, and the moment you eat one you know you’ve committed to at least two more. But with all these wonderful things comes the ominous exam horizon, beyond which no student can escape. Though we’ve still got two months till any real exams, the general level of seriousness is definitely ramping up.

That being said, there were a number of fun things that happened last month!

DSC 2-5626
When in Imperial, bungee jump (for charity)
DSC 2-5641
Chinese New Year approaches
DSC 2-5692
…and it’s here!
DSC 2-5688
Night-time walks are underrated
DSC 2-5660
Chicken wings and buns, however, need no introduction

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