I <3 London

This weekend my parents came down, and we spent the weekend being tourists. We went to Chinatown to see some of the Chinese New Year decorations, had a tour round the Globe theatre, and explored Primrose Hill. There is so much to do in London that it’s always really easy to entertain visitors!

Real life dragons!

Real life fish doughnut things!
Happy Chinese New Year! (Even if our fortune cookies did all say ‘exchange at the Casino for a free key ring’. The translation of that is obviously ‘your lab work will not go well for you’)
Why Horse?
new pic
Primrose Hill
new pic 2
The Globe


Last week was pretty busy as I was ill, writing my extended essay and lab report, it was pancake day, my housemate’s birthday, a Great Gatsby party on Wednesday, and Oscar, one of my old housemates came back from Germany where he is taking a year abroad to see everyone. Hopefully this week will give me a chance to catch up on some sleep!

I also had an interview with the science museum for a summer internship, but unfortunately they turned me down, because apparently I had too much experience and someone else could benefit from the role more. I’ve been turned down for Work Experience many times before, but this has to be the worst reason considering I’ve been trying so hard this year to get experience so that I can get an internship! Thanks Science Museum. If only you weren’t such a great museum and I could hate you.

 It turns out third year labs are completely horrible, by the way. Twice now, my partner and I have thought in the first week that our experiment was totally sorted and brilliant, and twice we have been rushing to retake results and try to understand what was wrong days before the deadline. Not much fun. Maybe the third and final lab cycle will  work out better (bitter laugh [ahahahahha]).

Before the madness set in…

Anyway, the take home positive message of this blog is meant to be that London is a great place to live. I am hoping to see something cool before I go home from Easter, and in no other city could I choose between a Great Gatsby Ballet, the new Tom Stoppard play and an Opera. Also I had an hour to kill today, so I went to the V&A and found the most amazing Jewellry Gallery literally filled with Jewels…. :0


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