2014 in three words

The start of the new 2015 year definitely does call for a reflection of my time in the UK so far. Three months have flown by unbelievably quickly, and its been a roller-coaster of a ride. I’ll save you the entire shpeel of serious reflection, and instead sum up my entire experience in three words that have been my life these past few months. Time to start the year on a lighthearted, excited note 🙂

Public Health 

Three months into this MPH program, and I have seen Public Health in an entirely different light. The impression of Public Health I knew has been questioned, reinforced, replaced and shaped into a much better piece to add to the worldly knowledge of different lines of work. My undergraduate definition of the term ‘health’ was the well-known WHO definition, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity“. Interested in Medicine, and hailing from a hardcore science background, this made sense to me – curing disease outcomes to stay ‘healthy’ – it was my one-track explanation. But a few, curious college courses had introduced me to an approach that was so different, yet had the same goals. Managing disease outcomes with a preventive, holistic approach? That is when I realised there is a whole, other inter-disciplinary aspect to healthcare than just the Medicine I was interested in and the Biology I knew, that which works in tandem with it. Eager to question my traditional views, burst out of the science bubble and learn what more is in this Pandora’s Box of Health and Providing Healthcare, I took up this opportunity. And have never looked back since. Policy-making, statistical analysis, the economics of health, biopsychosocial approaches, traditional disease progressions, stakeholder analysis – a lot goes into keeping our population healthy than meets the eye. And the more you know about your field, the better healthcare provider you can be. Here’s to hoping 2015 continues to challenge my views, build new ones and keep the stars shining in my eyes.

IMG_0984 copy


Considering that making me go to the gym is a gigantic feat, those two hours of Bhangra practice with the Imperial College Bhangra team thrice a week have been a welcome escape from the rest of my crazy world. Dance was always a passion, but when it becomes a solace, the thrill is exhilarating. And add to it, the opportunity to meet and learn from a wonderful set of fellow dancers from Imperial’s diverse backgrounds that share the same passion. Here’s to many more exhilarating months of practice, performances and team bonding.




Coming up with a personalised Instagram hashtag for the pictures I post on my Instagram account while in the UK was an absolute must. Social media, technology and I get along pretty well, and I want my friends and family to live the London experience through my eyes. Actually…in your twenties, its more wherever the world takes you! Be open to adventure, it’ll surprise you and there’s no better time then when you’re going through all the shenanigans of growing up, making new friends, moving for that first job/college and learning to love life. Not a mean feat, definitely easier said than done but very worth it when you look back on it ten years later. I’m grateful for getting this opportunity to teach myself to embark on the roller-coaster of life with open arms, an adaptive attitude and positivity. Here’s to wishing 2015 brings only more #tashaventures.


Signing off with starry eyes,

Eager Beaver Tasha


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