Winter Break

Have you ever wanted to do something but you kept putting it off for such a long time that when you finally decided to do it feels awkward and strange, like the moment has passed? Well, this is how I feel writing this post, it has been quite a while but I am back! Not just in terms of the blog posts but also I am back in halls!

After spending two weeks at home I realised how easy I had it. Clothes washed and ironed would ‘magically’ appear in my closet. Food, I mean home cooked food, prepared whenever I am hungry (instead of going out or ordering take out) and grocery shopping is done by someone other than myself. Ah, those were the days. Don’t get me wrong, learning that I can live independently without starving to death was perhaps the biggest accomplishment in my life but after a while you just want someone to take care of everything for you for a change.

So here I am, having survived the first term at Imperial. Barely, I might add. If you’re wondering how the Christmas test went, I am happy to report that there was no interview for me. Phew! That was a close call. Though there is a Spring Test in February and it will be nowhere as easy as this one was. And, since I pretty much survived this term with the absolute minimum of work, I have enough work to keep me more than busy this term, not to mention we are starting labs. Pray for me people!

My trip back was no smooth ride. As if a two hour delay was not enough (smoke detectors were not functioning properly for some reason and we had to wait for a few passengers) we flew in circles over London for another hour because we weren’t given clearance to land. My stomach was in an upheaval after the plane descended and ascended several times, and hearing a little girl throw up certainly did not help. I managed not to by humming (it is a little trick I read about; if you ever feel like vomiting just hum-it is physically impossible to hum and vomit at the same time) and finally arrived at my home away from home at 9.00pm yesterday.

This holiday was spent mainly in my pyjamas in front of a screen, whether it be a TV screen or my phone screen. And it was the best time ever! I just needed a break from the busy London life. To this date, I have not seen anybody walking in London at a leisurely pace; everybody seems to be rushing around from point A to point B like their life depend on it. Whilst in Oman, it is a much more relaxed atmosphere where finding someone in a hurry is a rare occurrence. Being with family also helped to alleviate the accumulated stress. I suppose one needs to get away from Imperial once in a while if one is to remain sane, I find.

Oh, and the highlight of the holiday was, of course, watching the last movie of the Middle Earth Saga. It was, as usual, an epic masterpiece, but I cannot say that I liked the ending. Though now that I think about it, ending it in any other way would not have been satisfactory. I don’t want to give too much away but you should definitely watch it if you haven’t already.

And, contrary to what Gandalf believes, I shall pass this Spring Test. Hopefully.

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