Still Alive but Barely Breathing

To-do list:
• MATLAB coursework due on Friday
• Thermodynamics deliverable due next Friday
• 3 Problem sheets to be completed this week
• Complete Mastery Sheet 2
• Revise for Christmas test
• Figure out Properties of Matter

With every passing day, my work pile grows exponentially (my Maths lecturer should be proud that I am using his lingo). I do not even know where to begin. Should I waste five hours puzzling over MATLAB and going nowhere or should I try to comprehend quantum physics? It seems that both tasks should be made into one of those Mission Impossible movies.

Forgive me for complaining about my workload, I am sure it is not very interesting but it is consuming my life at the moment. And what annoys me is when people keep saying, ‘Enjoy first year.’ Clearly I cannot enjoy it when I have this burden on my shoulders. But somehow I still managed to escape solving Schrodinger and go out with my friends to Winter Wonderland.

It was a great way to forget about everything for a few hours. Sharing laughs and almost vomiting after going on rides sure does take your mind off of things. I have to confess that after the first ride I solemnly swore that I will not go on anymore rides for a very long time. My friends convinced me that it wouldn’t be that bad since 4 year olds were permitted to go on and, naturally, I fell into their trap. The first minute went by fine but the last ten seconds (felt like ten hours) we were travelling so fast I could not see anything before me. My brain just didn’t have enough time to register what I was seeing before the next image popped up. My head was pushed backwards that my neck almost snapped. My friend next to me didn’t seem to be experiencing the same thing since she was barely holding on to the safety bar whilst I was clinging on it for dear life. I couldn’t even stand unsupported after it was done and walked around like a drunk until the dizziness finally wore off.

However, the spell was broken the moment I stepped back into my room and was reminded how far behind I am with a mere glance at my messy desk. Though I strongly encourage you escape your problems once in a while.

As for this Christmas test, in order to pass it you have to score EIGHTY per cent. Yes, just to pass. I mean, I know it should be easy as it will only test the ‘basic’ concepts that we should have grasped by now, but when there is an interview with three doctors awaiting you if you fail, it seems a lot more daunting. I will do whatever I can to not have this interview. I MUST pass this test. I simply must.

I must rush off now; I am going to go watch The Hobbit. Uh, I mean study for my Christmas test!

Don’t let it fool you like it did me.

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