Much crowd. Very busy.

Technically, this is my second blog post.

It’s the first one you’ll be reading.


Well, I could pretend I’m the next Chris Nolan and that this is all part of my grand plan to create an anachronic blog which will eventually make sense when someone in the far future decides to piece it all together. In reality, it’s more an administration issue and this blog will most likely continue in chronological order after the first two posts.

With that out the way, I’m proud to say that I’m officially an Imperial blogger! I’m Abhishek, an aspiring mathematician with a list of interests far longer than it should be. If I’m not trying to convince you that maths is awesome, I’m either jamming to The Strokes on my guitar, navigating through my seemingly endless backlog of anime, or taking photos around the streets of South Kensington. One of my more recent endeavours is in-line skating which has so far been a hell of an uphill climb. If you’ve ever wondered why humans have yet to evolve to have wheels for feet, the first session of in-line quickly teaches  you why. Long story short, I spent most of the first session on my back, which only got more painful as the day went on. Frustrating as it may have been, it’s been great to actually improve over the past few weeks and be able to build up a decent pace. Hopefully, I’ll learn to stop sometime soon.

I also woke up today to the somewhat startling realisation that there are only two weeks left of this term. It really feels like Fresher’s was just last week! Managing uni life can be downright crazy at times but, on the bright side, I’ve taken home some very important realisations:

1) Between sleep, work, and socialising, sleep always loses out. If you’ve been gifted with the ability to power nap, you’re already winning.

2) Nothing good happens after 2am. Turns out, HIMYM had a very valid point and sleep deprivation is a big no-no.

3) Setting multiple alarms is usually a life saver.

4) Panopto is always a life saver. It’s terrifying to imagine a time when lectures weren’t recorded.

5) Washing dishes night on night requires an unprecedented amount of mental fortitude.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to do as much as you can. There are next to no consequences if you decide something isn’t up your alley, but there’s everything to gain if you find a new sport or activity you really enjoy and a whole bunch of new people to meet! Thankfully (I guess?) mathematicians don’t have any tests until the start of next term so I have a multitude of Christmas dinners and Maple coursework to look forward to over the next fortnight. I leave you with an inspiring image of our bustling union:

Night at Beit.

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