Why I wanted to study Medicine

I really was not one of those people that “wanted to study medicine since I was 2 years old and had a toy doctors set from my parents”. In fact, I wanted to be a librarian/café owner/ hotel owner for the early years. As I grew older (not taller), I managed to build up a giant selection of teddies. These were soon to become my unexpected patients. My teddies and dolls went though the most horrific traumas and it was my absolute joy to care for them. Granted, the traumas were normally part of some sort of crazy game me and my siblings would play: for example one time there was a “fire” in the bedroom and we had to “evacuate” all the teddies. Much to my mums joy, we tied skipping ropes around the teddies necks and lowered them out the window into the garden. There, the teddies were met by a wheelbarrow that would ferry them over to the hospital.

(Oh yes, the “hospital” was an area of grass in our garden where traumatised dolls would rest and recover before being recycled back into the fire to be dropped back into the wheelbarrow again.)

Perhaps this mock A+E centre in my back garden was the reason I wanted to initially study medicine? The apparent care I took for teddies may reflect into the care for patients…but this is probably completely made up and I was probably just a very strange child.

Come to think of it, it may have been the illnesses I actually went through growing up that convinced me into medicine. I had allergic reactions, dislocated knees, hernias…sigh the list goes on. I loved seeing what the doctors were up to and had a fascination for the work they were doing. Again though, this may have contributed…probably only mildy.

In my interviews, of course the reason I wanted to study medicine was because “I have an interest in science and caring for people…blah blah work experience…blah blah emotional tale from work experience…conclude with a summary line”. But actually writing this blog post and trying to figure out the real reason is racking my brain.

I have asked a few of my friends too, and it just seems that no one really knows. Seems that everyone goes into medicine for a massive mix of noble reasons and influences (cough parents that are doctors cough). I don’t really think I will ever work out what made me want to do medicine initially, what made me doubt going into medicine and what eventually convinced me it was the right thing. What I do know is that I love studying medicine now (most of the time), and I really can’t wait to be a doctor one day.

For now though..this picture below pretty much summarises my medical degree so far.

Pretty much...
Pretty much…

8 comments for “Why I wanted to study Medicine

  1. Subweena says:

    Thanks for this blog post! I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write this haha 😛
    But yeah, this definitely helped me 🙂

    P.S. I genuinely really LOVEE your blog. I thought I saw you the other day in the Card Factory (not literally a factory btw- just a shop incase anyone gets confused :P) and I stood there still for a few minutes waiting for someone to call out ‘Mala!’.
    Then i bravely turned around to see who it was- and it wasn’t you.

    It killed my day lol but then again, I wouldn’t have known what to say if it WAS you.. Maybe if I did see you I would have asked you to ‘sign my shirt for me?’ haha

    But yes, I’m trying to say I think you’re awesome! 😀

  • Peter says:

    Hello Mala,
    I really like your blog and especially part about motivation of yours and your friends 🙂
    I have one question: have you been considering studying medicine abroad, or was UK your first and only option?
    Peter from http://medhead.eu/

  • kalpna Desai says:

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    The blog provided me the best information related to the different benefits and the types of the medicine which are to be developed in the different technological changes.

  • maha says:

    hi Mala I will graduate this year from high school and I really want to study medicine, and when I think of it too much the thought of it scare me. so I really want you to give me some advice since you study medicine …:)
    and I also want to know if its worth it ? and is it realllllly hard like they say it is ????

    so I really hope you reply to me soon and help mee :/
    thanks .


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