The Introduction

Hello to anyone who’s reading this post!

I’d just like to introduce myself – my name’s Nebz and I’m a postgrad student here at Imperial College doing a master’s degree in Preventive Cardiology.

I love blogging, but I’m afraid to say I’m a bit of a mixed bag, and over this academic year I’m sure I’ll be putting up a random spread of posts on different  topics. So while a lot of my posts will be about graduate life at Imperial college and my adventures around London, if you’re also interested in reading about:

  • faith
  • music
  • fashion
  • dance
  • drawing
  • creative writing
  • Japanese culture
  • Skateboarding
  • science (in particular cardiology *cheesy grin*)

Then please drop by every now and then because I may talk about these things!


By the way, you might not be able to see what I look like now, but I can assure you pictures are coming soon 😀

2 comments for “The Introduction

  1. Michael russo says:

    Hi, my name is Michael Russo, I am 19 years old graduated HS and took college courses and I reside in the USA. I do, however, have had only a 3.0 GPA in high school and scored 1250 on my SAT and a 19 on my ACT. I also have taken college courses and some were Ds and Fs, but I want to study and attend a university in London, England and was wondering what university that is average will give me a realistic shot at attending and the transfer international acceptance rate of your school? Thank you!

  1. Nnebs says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t see this until now, I’ve been so busy! I’m not sure when it comes to GPA scores and their equivalent in English grades, but the grade you need will often depend on the course you want to study, and the university you choose. Have you heard of the Fullbright awards? If you check out their website, they can give you some advise on applying to universities in England. I was considering applying for a year in the US, and they seemed pretty helpful. Hope it all goes well for you!


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