A Week in the Life

This is the weirdest time to be a student. Everyone has exams going on at different times, some people are finished already and starting projects, we’ve finished lectures but there’s still stuff going on, I don’t know quite what to do with myself! I thought I’d give you an insight to what I’m doing in a typical pre-finals week.


Study study study. Realise I have no food. Buy approximately 5 tons of vegetables to make for the fact that I haven’t done any proper cooking in God knows how long.


Wake up at 7.30. Snooze for 40 minutes. Roll out of bed, get ready and pack lunch because it’s FIELD TRIP DAY. Get to SAF around 9.15, hang out with the biology buds then hang around outside as senior tutor and life sciences administrator become more and more stressed about the fact the coaches are nowhere to be seen. Coaches arrive. Drive to Silwood park, Imperial’s enormous ecology and evolution research campus. Massive grounds with experiments that have been going for longer than I’ve been alive. Lunch! Workshops in the afternoon (yes we did some quadrat throwing – seems real ecologists actually use those.). Get back to Imperial around 6pm, go straight out to my Bible study group. Get home around 9pm. Crash. Sleep.


Lie in today! Do some work, meet someone for a coffee at Pain Quotidien in South Kensington in the afternoon (fancy but pricey!), come home. Even more work. Food? Try to remember what I’ve eaten this week considering I have done no shopping and no cooking. Draw a blank. SLEEP!


Back out to Silwood to do more workshops. Get a tour of the grounds from some nice students doing their 3rd year projects. Hold dead, frozen crayfish, talk about speciation of islands, throw more quadrats, check out an experiment changing tons of variables on a plot of grassland, from fertliser to nitrate availibility to pesticides… every comibnation you can imagine! Back to the campus bar for (free!) Dominoes pizza and drinks. Coach home. Coach nap may or may not have occurred. Come home. Sleep for ten years.


Get up around 8.30, what a luxury! Leave for hospital appointment at Hillingdon Hospital (don’t develop any condition that forces you to go to Hillingdon hospital, it’s the biggest pain to get to), have appointment, try to get home and get on the wrong bus once and the wrong tube three times. Get home at 3pm when I should have got back about 1.45pm. Crash in bed to recover for a while. Study EVEN MORE.


Wake up at 10am, revel in the lie in. Sit around in PJs for a further hour. What am I doing with my life. Do a bit of work. Meet a friend for Starbucks and witness very un-kensingtoneqsue street fight between a cyclist and a driver. Doors are kicked in, wing mirrors are broken off, crowd disperses. Starbucks is consumed. Finally do my groceries! Come home and study, make a delicious dinner, chill out by marathonning FBI programs.


Set alarm from 9.30am, snooze for half an hour. Mad dash to get ready for church then set off. Lovely service, including the baptism of three kids and champagne and nibbles in the beautiful church garden. #kensingtonlife. Study and chill and home before heading back to church in the evening. Lovely  time with the church buds! Come home… STUDY TIME YO.

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