Skiing and a spot of art…

Happy Easter everyone! I have just got back from skiing last week with my family in France which was brilliant fun 🙂 🙂 It is almost the end of the skiing season now, but we were high up in a resort called Val Thorens, which is full of ugly buildings but great skiing! We had beautiful sunshine on every day except for the last, plenty of snow and I managed to keep the small French ski-school child sat next to me successfully on the chair-lift . It also has the highest zip wire in the world which was frustratingly closed every time I tried to jump on.

It was a refreshing break from everything, though I did (somehow) manage to do a bit of revision too, and so Atomic Physics exam look out- I am now coming for you!

This holidays I have also been indulging my Kurt Vonnegut obsession—today I finished his novel Bluebeard, which I have wanted to read for ages and ages and did not disappoint. If anyone hasn’t read Kurt Vonnegut then you really really really should consider it—I started with Breakfast of Champions and have been absolutely hooked ever since, to the extent that after finishing this blog I am pre-ordering a new book of his collected drawings and deciding how to spend some of my Science Challenge prize money on a print of his. Exciting times!

Anyway, I am now off to master Statistical Physics and order much Kurt Vonnegut :P. Enjoy the rest of the break everyone and if you are worried about exams try to distract yourself by remembering that a new potentially habitable planet has been discovered, ( which is cool and also somewhere to relocate to if everything doesn’t go to plan.


The tiniest plane I have ever seen…
Mountains! And beautiful weather!

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