‘Advice’ for First Year Medical Exams

I have sought advice over the past few weeks from various “elders” of the medical school with the mission of finding the best advice possible to do well in first year medical exams. I have compiled the advice together and hopefully you will be helped as much as I was. Note: Most of this advice is generally unhelpful.

“Fear not young freshers, it only gets worse. Brave through exams and be prepared for worse in years to come”

“Don’t work, freshers!!! You can’t fail first year…well…okay you can. Maybe do some work…okay work hard.”

“I had 3 breakdowns over Easter of first year. I cried to my parents and was convinced that I didn’t deserve to do medicine. I passed…I try not to cry now during Easter. But trust, all us boys do cry sometimes.”


“Why are you stressing, Mala? Don’t worry, I saw May/June exams as a trial run for the August ones [Resits]. Those are the ones you need to do well in”

“….how do you do well? You don’t. You pass with passion.”

“I got one or two percent above a pass in everything…and had a wicked easter. Enjoy life.”

“MCD is broken up into 8 sections: Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, METABOLISM, easy. You know what to revise.”

“Aim low. Take the pressure off yourself because stressing yourself out it the fastest route to failing.”

“Revise with your friends. You will remember more when you discuss what you have learnt. Just don’t be one of those people that tell the year group how clever they are on the facebook group, it’s so annoying.”


“Be sober in the exam, it helps you to focus”

“HA! I bet you wished you went to muslim medic tutorials now…”

“If in doubt, the answer will probably be something to do with diabetes, infection or cancer.”

“Take regular breaks during revision. I took a week off after every couple of days of revising.”

“Do MCD now, focus hard on it. Then after MCD Exam start to read over LSS and LCRS properly. Then start over on MCD again. Repeat cycle until you pass.”

…Good luck.

2 comments for “‘Advice’ for First Year Medical Exams

  1. Great advice for students preparing for their first-year medical exams! As a medical student, I was also very worried and nervous when revising for my exams but PasTest’s online study materials helped me a lot. They cover the whole syllabus, and are one of the leading publishers of exam revision books.
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  2. Thanks for the write up and the advice! For me, the most helpful thing to do was to study early and study often. I would take human anatomical models from Anatomical Innovations and strew them about my dorm, just to I would see them and memorize anatomy as I was going about my day. Again, thanks for the post!

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