Why I’ve Been AWOL – An Update on the Izzie Life

I think the last couple of weeks have been some of the busiest I have experienced so far at uni! It feels like it’s been a never ending stream of essays, deadlines, coffee dates, lunch dates, train journeys and pancakes (ok I won’t complain about the pancakes). There’s no hope of things quietening down before the end of term and I’m not actually going home properly until two weeks in to the Easter holiday so apologies to everyone that it’s taken me so long to update, life has been horrendously busy! Here is a run down of how Imperial life has been since I last posted:

1 – A week and a half long lab was completed. This lab involved various members of the my bench going in to the lab twice a day to take care of the algae we were growing. We were basically trying to make our algae evolve halotolerance, that is, tolerance to a salty environment, and we had to do a lot of serial dilutions so that the algae had enough space to grow. This was the last lab of the term (woop) but unfortunately half of our experiment went missing literally overnight. Let me tell you, there is no person more despicable than a sample thief, especially when you have been taking care of those samples for a week and a half. We had to data from another group to complete our analysis. It was quite sad.

2 – Two essays were written. Well the second is actually still in progress but I’ve written an essay on the regulatory mechanisms involved in transcription (a process in cells where DNA is converted into mRNA which can then be translated into protein). My current essay is about the origin of HIV/AIDS in humans which is really interesting! (Most likely theory – we caught it off chimps in the late 1800s due to bushmeat practices)

3 – I was voted in as the secretary of the IC Christian Union. This is rather exciting and I can’t wait to get stuck in to my committee role, serving both the CU and the whole of Imperial with a great team of people!

4 – I got my exam results. Suffice to say they were pretty bad. Moving swiftly on…

5 – I enjoyed London in the sunshine! I CANNOT BELIEVE THE AMAZING WEATHER WE’VE HAD! Got to spend some time in Hyde Park and in my friend’s back garden soaking up the rays.

6 – I went home. This term has been really tough. Was great to have some quality fam time at home with my mum and my little brother.

7 – I went to Tonbridge. My church have a student weekend away once a year where we go away to the countryside to spend some time together, studying the Bible and generally hanging out. Was fab to get out of London, breathe the fresh air and destroy my shoes in the mud.

8 – I went to see The Lion King! IT WAS A M A Z I N G. I have actually seen it before but it never gets old, I could do a whole seperate blog post on why The Lion King is the greatest show ever but let me just say, it is probably the most impressive visual spectacle on the West End.

9 – I nearly went to my hall’s formal. Unfortunately it was cancelled at the last moment due to lack of ticket sales which was quite sad because I got a dress and everything. I’m not massively distraught however, as the formal involves an awards ceremony and some delightful person decided to nominate me and one of my best friends in hall for cutest couple. BECAUSE THAT’S ORIGINAL.

10 – I went to Tombo quite a few times. Tombo is a Japanese tea shop near South Kensington tube. Go to it, and order kuki cha and the azuki and white chocolate cake. You will not regret it.

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