So a few days ago I began anatomy of the thorax…i.e. I took a trip up to the 14th floor and met the body my group would be working with for the next few weeks. It was incredible.

I have so much respect for people that donate their bodies to science and even after just one session I can see how useful it really is to have the opportunity to see. I was terrified though. Genuinely so nervous to have the responsibility of someone’s body in my hands only a term and a bit into my degree. However, it was incredible.

This was the first session so we were tasked with removing the outer layers of the body to reveal the organs. Luckily there was already skin flaps prepared. Walking up to the body I saw equipment like saws and bone cutters and just thought to myself..”what have I signed up to?!?” The session began with our instructor asking our B4 group ‘would any of the men like to start off with sawing the ribs’. That’s when my #strongindependentwoman kicked in. Even though I was so nervous, I was not going to let the guys go first out of principle. So I responded with ‘or the ladies? I could do it too’. The instructor apologised and I began to saw away somewhere near/at the manubrium…but nothing was happening. I tried to move positions but I was just (dare I say) too weak.

However, I did manage to break some of Jim’s (we named the cadaver Jim) ribs!! It was so fascinating and I’m so happy we have a chance to do this. I saw all of it from the pectoralis major muscle to the external intercostal muscles to the bits that I really didn’t know the names of.  One thing that did surprise me was how hungry I got during the session-apparently it’s to do with the chemicals they use in the room?!?!
So, the day after, I went for my first ever steak. It was good.

On a serious note though, Imperial really is not flawed in the opportunities they give with anatomy and dissection. It is a real privilege to get to dissect a real human body. Just being able to touch a lung or feel the muscle fibres was incredible. I know I probably sound like an over excited puppy but ahhhhhh anatomy.

Okay, that is all.

Disclaimer: Get consent before dissecting a body.


Image from http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1547412706001046
Image from http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1547412706001046

4 comments for “I BROKE SOME RIBS

  1. Med says:

    good read, thanks Mala.

    1. Mala Mawkin says:


  2. Boys of the cave (aka the *****s) says:

    Dear Mala,

    As a group of gym monkeys, we would like to start by commending you on the size of your biceps in the picture on the left of this page.

    We would also like to ask whether or not you have been involved with NASA at any stage of your life thus far, because we believe we have seen a video of you delivering a speech?

    We are normally huge fans of the blog – but we heard you are going to write an article about the most esteemed sports club in the medical school and we wondered if this was true? We hope so…

    Lots of love,

    Yours forever after,

    The cave

    1. Mala Mawkin says:

      Hey cavemen. Cheers for the comment. I will do one for you guys next time #watchthisspace #lolspace #nasa.

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