It’s Already February?!

Time seems to have flown by. It’s kind of strange to think that I’ve been back at uni for three weeks and I still haven’t started lectures… Due to the generous amount of study leave I’ve had, I’ve pretty much been sat at my desk for the past two and a half weeks trying to learn the order in which primates evolved and get my head around Michaelis-Menten kinetics. I can’t lie, I haven’t massively enjoyed my courses so far this academic year and it’s been tough. BUT exams are finally over and on Monday I’m starting my favourite thing ever, the main reason why I chose this subject… cell biology and genetics. Knowing that cell biology is coming next is what has kept me going as I tear my hair out trying to memorise various fungi life cycles and I’m so excited. Cells are my thing. I can’t even tell you how happy I was when I opened my biochemistry exam on Tuesday and found that one of the essay questions was on the Singer-Nicolson fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane.

This is actually a photo of me when I opened my biochem paper.
This is actually a photo of me when I opened my biochem paper.

But I digress. Since I now have a bit more free time I’ve been trying to get out a bit more (man that sounds so sad but I have literally been living at my desk for the past three weeks) and I thought I’d tell you about some of the fun stuff I’ve been up to.

On Thursday night, following the last of my exams, some of us went out to Wafflemeister in South Kensington. I had been planning celebratory waffles with some of my Christian Union buddies for ages and we were going to have a girls night but we ended up bringing most of the CU with us which was awesome. Wafflemeister is pretty great, I would definitely recommend it. I had a cookies and cream flavoured waffle which had mini oreos on it and it was A M A Z I N G. After that we went to the pub where I decided to let my hair down on my first night of freedom from studying… and have a lemonade. Crazy, I know.

On Friday night I decided to culture myself a little and go to a concert with my friend who seems to know everyone in London who is doing interesting music things, so he often has cool concerts to go to



We went to St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate Church near St. Paul’s Cathedral to hear a choir called Londinium. They’re a chamber choir and they did a program of secular French music which I really enjoyed to my suprise! That’s one of the great things about London – there are so many different things going on that you can try out . You might not like what you go to, or you may discover your passion for French choral music. YOU DON’T KNOW TILL YOU TRY.

As for the rest of my weekend, I have finally got round to doing laundry and cleaning my room and tomorrow night I’m going to church as usual but with a special twist – the Bishop of Kensington is going to be there to do baptisms, confirmations and reaffirmations of faith! Can’t wait to be there with my beautiful church buddies (and no doubt eat some beautiful food afterwards)

Between doing all this, I’ve been marathoning Sherlock, drinking tea and doing some filing… It’s not been the wildest of post exam weekends but it has been perfect and I feel so refreshed and ready to get straight in to cell biology on Monday!

I can never resist a science joke…


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  1. Love the science cartoons. I just took my cell biology exam on cell membranes yesterday and then I stumbled across this cartoon linking to your blog. Thanks for the laugh!

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