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There have been a few phrases that I have adopted since coming to University and they have been detrimental to my bank account balance and lifestyle choices. ‘I am treating myself‘ or ‘I deserve this’ have been absolutely awful. When I walk into Sainsbury’s and see a large Lindt bar on the shelf calling my name I manage to convince myself I need or deserve a treat…which is never, ever the case.

Another great phrase is ‘you’re only a fresher once’. Because…it’s true. It is an excuse to do pretty much anything ridiculous as you have the excuse that it is all part of a ‘fresher experience’.

However, this week for RAG Week I have had to confront a new phrase: ‘It’s for charity’. This one tugs at the heart strings and has led me to do some ridiculous things this week all in the name of charity.

Shall we go out tonight’

Normal reaction- I’m so tired and have important lectures tomorrow.. I can’t.

RAG Week reaction- It’s for charity…why not!

Go on stage and have a race to eat a burger covered with Gin with a stranger’

Normal reaction: eww no

RAG Week reaction- It’s for charity…why not!

Run around London dressed as a superhero and complete challenges (like interrupting a date and flirting with one of the people on the date).

Normal reaction: No, that’s not really acceptable human behaviour?

RAG Week reaction- It’s for charity…why not!

Shall we get on the circle line tube, but instead of having a destination we just get off at every stop and go to a pub…and let’s start at 10am.

Normal reaction: Do you need help, are you an actual alcoholic?

RAG Week reaction- It’s for charity…why not!

You get the picture… It’s been a great week full of fancy dress and outrageous events. It has been a week full of these ‘excuses’ to do things and I have noticed them more and more as I got to the final few days. I have come to adore and appreciate the phrases and will be sad now that the ‘it’s for charity’ excuse has gone.

However, just remember…if you think you do deserve a treat, you convince yourself you are doing something good for charity or you are just embracing the fresher experience you must be prepared to be in potentially very embarrassing situations (e.g. waking up drunk midweek and proceeding to send drunk videos…to everyone).

P.S. Below please find a Promo Video of a Hot Dog (my friend) being interviewed for Channel 5  during RAG Week…It was for charity.

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