What happens on tour…

I was absolutely delighted to have been given a place on the Netball (and Football) tour at the very last minute. This exciting sporting highlight was cleverly named Fetball Tour and was held in Bristol this year.


The coach journey entailed books being read aloud on the bus, medical students practising their history taking skills and all round pleasantness. Some of us were even able to do some acting on the bus- I found the plays very thought provoking. We were assigned groups which we would stick with during the weekend. I was delighted with my group and my pink accessories we wore! After all, what is better than matching pink whistles?


Sharing a bedroom with my fresher friends was a jolly experience. I absolutely loved to have our morning chats and it was like a massive, cute sleepover. A personal highlight was when everyone played “hairdressers” and got nice new hairstyles!!!


It really felt like a great bonding experience. The games like bowling and laser quest were so much fun and I was able to make new friends over a shared entertainment of these games. ( I thoroughly enjoyed our game of tour bingo!) It was just such a unique opportunity to meet so many people who had common hobbies- and to have some good-spirited competition between groups.


In the evenings we would indulge on great dinners like curries or buffets. Some of us would then go out in the evening (only if you felt like it though) as others would go to bed early and recover from a long day of merriment.


Breakfasts would be amazing! My day would start with final year students coming to wake us up with ‘breakfast in bed’ and they made sure that we were all excited for the day. We would head down to our favourite establishment to have a bit of a chit chat and indulge in our morning feasts.

I had an absolutely marvellous time on Fetball Tour. There are so many great bonding stories I have heard and have experienced.

One highlight from an anonymous fresher: “The craziest night of tour was definitely when we went to dominoes and couldn’t choose what to have so made our own pizza! We really branched out on this one: half meat, half veg (keeping it healthy of course), so many toppings that it came to 27 pounds!!” Crazy stuff.

The weekend went way too fast and it feels like it’s all a blur! Good natured, clean fun is always the best kind, and I can’t wait for next year!

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