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New YearI haven’t blogged all year so I thought I would have a bit of a catch up (that was definitely funnier in my head). The oven in ground floor kitchen has been fixed! Wahey! In other “new year news” that only I probably care about, my last (“Beyoncé-minded”) post got me up to a total of over 2,500 page views. Shout out to my mum for refreshing the page a few thousand times. A great cup of tea is heading your way.

Of course, a lot of those views were probably accidental clicks. Apologies to those of you that have stumbled onto my blog by accident and are a few seconds away from clicking the “x” button on your top right. It seems that my blog has been found ‘accidently’ by some peculiar searches on google. Some of the stranger searches that real people have done to get to my blog (thank you WordPress Statistics) include “Mala girls without dress” and “Mala in Christmas dress”.  Try googling those…it really does work.

Thinking about 2014 though, most of you reading this will receive offers and then probably start your courses at Imperial College this year (hopefully!). You are all probably extremely excited and nervous about the whole thing and what 2014 will offer. I remember that during January 2013 I was nervously awaiting an offer to go to University to study Medicine having been rejected after interview from 2 of my 5 Universities already. I had no clue whether I was going to get a place at University and that was a pretty nerve-racking experience. But I very quickly worked out that things tend to fall into place whatever happens.

I’m going to be honest though and say that 2014 has just been a tiny bit strange so far in these 2 days. I lost my purse on new years day which led to me having to cancel my cards, order a new ID and kick myself a lot. BUT, the rest of 2014 will be amazing. In fact, I have even been trying to detox this year and haven’t drank all year (except on new years day a little). I have a good 12 months ahead of me to make this year a great year. I don’t want it to be like 2008…Lord knows what happened in 2008. I have absolutely no recollection of anything interesting happening that whole year. We can’t afford another 2008!!!

So whether you are a future student, purse thief or have ended up on my blog by accident I hope you have an amazing and unforgettable 2014 at/near/with Imperial….and that all your new years false promises resolutions work out for you!

Mala Mawkin

P.S. Good luck to anyone that has exams this month! And…if anyone finds my purse can I have it back please? x


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  1. Hello! I love reading your blog, mainly because it offers an actual insight into what med school is really like from a students point, as opposed to the usual same information you read in prospectuses 🙂 I wish you good luck in your future (and hope that you find your purse!), Jess xx

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