End of term :D

Last week over! It was a pretty busy one- I finally got my essay in, after changing my mind about its ending five hundred times, saw The Hobbit 2, made some mince pies and went to see Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, which is a science-comedy show. It was actually pretty disappointing- a lot of the acts were a bit terrible, although the ones that were funny were hilarious.

abababaBeautiful mince decoration…

aaaaaaabOn Thursday we made a house Christmas dinner, with two chickens, stuffing, Yorkshires, gravy, sprouts and everything. It was a great end to the term, and required a lot of team peeling and chopping.


aaabMegan’s Magnificent Mulled Wine

aaaab  abababababab#Team532

abLook at those Yorkshire Puddings!


I’m back home now though, which is nice. Christmas is definitely underway!


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