Category: External applicants

I have uploaded the same document twice. How do I delete the duplicate document?

You can currently only delete documents from your application if you have saved (your application) for later.  Please view our ‘how to delete documents from save for later’ demonstration and guidance.

Once you have submitted your application you are, unfortunately, unable to remove  documents from your application.

Can I re-apply for a vacancy that I previously withdrew from?

If you withdraw your application you cannot then reapply for the vacancy via our online recruitment system. If you decide you wish to reapply for the vacancy you will need to email your application to the Recruitment Administrator for the vacancy, whose details should be provided in the How to Apply section of the advert. 

The College’s directory will enable you to find contact details for Recruitment Administrators.

What do the application statuses mean?

You will see: This means:
Application being processed Your application is currently active and will be reviewed in due course
Interview You are being invited to an interview
Application closed Your application is closed because of the following reasons: you were not shortlisted for interview or you were not offered the post following interview.
Application withdrawn You have withdrawn your application
Application successful You are to be made an offer or you have already accepted an offer.