Category: College recruitment administrators

Why do I receive an error message when I login to the online recruitment system?

If you have an ICIS application open when you try to access the job search pages of the online recruitment system, you will receive an error message. For instructions on how to access ICIS and the job search pages simultaneously, please turn on in-private browsing on your browser.  You may wish to view our demonstration on How to access ICIS and job search pages simultaneously. Please select the See It! button once you have opened the demonstration.

I am trying to update the statuses of a number of applicants but the system is pulling through the wrong applicants ‘ names. What should I do?

“You should log out of your IC HRMS iRecruitment responsibility, click on the clear cache/refresh button on your web browser then log back in and retry.

The problem is likely to have been caused by the fact that you have used the back or forward buttons on your web browser as this can affect the information you are trying to access and tasks you are trying to undertake. If possible, please use the back and forward buttons within the iRecruitment system rather than those on your web browser.”

How do I communicate with applicants via iRecruitment?

You will need to change the applicant status in order to communicate with them.  Please refer to the Status and Notification table below to see which status triggers communication emails:
Status: Notification
Active Application: Acknowledge applied
Hold: No notification
Short-list: No notification
First Interview: Notification saying will receive formal invite to interview
Second Interview: Notification saying will receive formal invite to interview
Not shortlisted: Notification to say not Shortlisted
Regret – don’t email: No notification fired but it terminates their application
Regret following interview: will trigger an email to say Regret following interview