I am an internal applicant, should I apply via the internal or external route?

Imperial College London employees have the option of applying for vacancies by logging into the online system through ICIS or using the Imperial College Employment webpage and proceeding with either the ‘External’ or the ‘Employee’ options. To access the ‘Employee’ option staff will need to use their College network login and password.

You are required to follow the application process stated in the advertisement.

The advantage of submitting your application using the ‘Employee’ option is that you do not need to input your personal information as this will be automatically completed using information from the Human Resources database. If you wish to change any of the personal information held about you within the system e.g. ethnic origin, address, etc., you will need to do this via ICIS HR Self-Service.

Employees also have the option to make their application as an external applicant should they wish their application to have no connection to their employee record.