What happens if I wish to withdraw my application?

If you change your mind and no longer wish to apply for one of our vacancies, you can withdraw your application by either:

  • Navigating to the College’s Employment website
  • Clicking on the red “Job Search for current Imperial College staff” button


  • Opening ICIS (please note that the system will not allow  you to have the Job Search screen and ICIS open at the same time). If you are not an existing ICIS user then you should click here to access ICIS Self Service 


  • log into the ICIS ‘My Opportunities’ facility and selecting “Application Details” under the specific job you have applied for then clicking on the “Withdraw Application” button.

Please be aware that if you withdraw your application you cannot then reapply for the vacancy via your online recruitment account. If you decide you wish to reapply for the vacancy you will need to email your application to the Recruitment Administrator for the vacancy, whose details should be provided in the How to Apply section of the advert. 

The College’s directory will enable you to find contact details for Recruitment Administrators.