Month: June 2011

I am a registered applicant but every time I try to apply for a vacancy I am returned to the home page when I hit the ‘Apply Now’ button. What should I do?

If you have already successfully registered in the system, please follow the steps below in order to apply for the vacancy.

  1.  Access the College’s Employment website
  2.  Click on the “Job Search” link on the right hand side of the page
  3.  Log into the system by entering the email address and password you used to register in the “Existing Users” box on the right hand side of the page – this should open your Welcome Page
  4.  Click on the “Search for Jobs” link on the right hand side of your Welcome Page
  5.  Search for the vacancy by entering the job title or vacancy reference number into the “Keywords” field and clicking on the “Search” button
  6. Click on the link in the vacancy reference column – this should open up the advert
  7.  Click on the application form link in the “How to Apply” section of the advert then complete and save your application form on your computer
  8.  Click on the “Apply Now” button at the top/bottom of the page and complete the application pages (1-4), ensuring that you upload your application form on page 2
  9.  We will acknowledge receipt of your application immediately by email and will send you email notifications to keep you updated on the progress of your application.
  10. You can also revisit your account to obtain an update on your application and to change your personal details as required, for example, if you change one of your contact telephone numbers. 

How will I know what is happening to my application?

You will be sent an email notification when the status of your application changes. If you do not receive our emails please check your junk/spam email.

Additionally, once you have registered, the system creates a personal online account through which you can track the progress of any applications you submit. To learn the status of your submitted applications you will need to log into your online account using the email address and password you used to register and check the “Notifications” section of your homepage.

What do the application statuses mean?

Application status

You will see This means
Application being processed Your application is currently active and will be reviewed in due course
Interview You are being invited to an interview
Application closed Your application is closed because of the following reasons: you were not shortlisted for interview or you were not offered the post following interview.
Application withdrawn You have withdrawn your application
Application successful You are to be made an offer or you have already accepted an offer.

I am trying to update the statuses of a number of applicants but the system is pulling through the wrong applicants ‘ names. What should I do?

“You should log out of your IC HRMS iRecruitment responsibility, click on the clear cache/refresh button on your web browser then log back in and retry.

The problem is likely to have been caused by the fact that you have used the back or forward buttons on your web browser as this can affect the information you are trying to access and tasks you are trying to undertake. If possible, please use the back and forward buttons within the iRecruitment system rather than those on your web browser.”

How do I communicate with applicants via iRecruitment?

You will need to change the applicant status in order to communicate with them.  Please refer to the Status and Notification table below to see which status triggers communication emails:
Status: Notification
Active Application: Acknowledge applied
Hold: No notification
Short-list: No notification
First Interview: Notification saying will receive formal invite to interview
Second Interview: Notification saying will receive formal invite to interview
Not shortlisted: Notification to say not Shortlisted
Regret – don’t email: No notification fired but it terminates their application
Regret following interview: will trigger an email to say Regret following interview