An applicant has informed me that they saved their application for later but that they are now unable to complete it.  What should I do?

This FAQ is not relevant to job applicants

1. Ask the applicant if they can see their application in the Save for Later section on their home page
2. If so then check that the closing date for the vacancy has not passed. If it has then the system will not allow the applicant to complete their application.
3. If you wish to accept the applicant’s application after the original closing date has passed then you can either:
a) Ask your HR contact to extend the vacancy display end date to allow the applicant to complete their application in iRecruitment
b) Ask the applicant to email/send their application outside of iRecruitment. Recruitment Administrators can also add applicants to their vacancies through their IC HRMS iRecruitment Department responsibility after the closing date has passed.