I want to add external applicants to my vacancy.  Is this possible?

This FAQ is not relevant to job applicants

Yes, you can add applicants to your vacancy using the Create Candidate function providing they have an email address with which you can communicate with them through the system.

As with applicants who apply online themselves, applications added into the system cannot be forwarded to shortlisters on the same day that you add them in as, although files will be uploaded, they will not be zipped. The zip process runs once each night, therefore, if you add a document on the day you forward the application it will not be attached to the email as the application will not be zipped until the following night. You should ensure that you can see a zipped document symbol sitting against the applicant’s name in the View Applicants page before forwarding the application for shortlisting.

Please note that you cannot add internal College applicants to your vacancy, they would need to submit their application through their College ‘My Opportunities’ account.