I am trying to register and have received an email asking me to click on a link to complete the registration process but there is not a link in the email. What should I do?

This may be due to one of two issues:

1) On very rare occasions the link in the registration email is not visible. This is often because your email provider disables links within emails for security purposes. This can sometimes be rectified by forwarding the registration email you received to an alternative email account, if you have one.

2) Additionally, in order to access the system the following minimum system requirements are required:

1) Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
2) Pop-up blockers turned off
3) Check if your virus protection is blocking access to the site. If so then allow temporary access

Please would you therefore check that your system meets these requirements.

If this does not resolve the problem then please email your application form to the Recruitment Administrator, whose details should be provided in the How to Apply section of the advert.

The College’s directory will enable you to find contact details for Recruitment Administrators.