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What’s new in the Henry Stewart Talks Business & Management Collection?

The Henry Stewart Talks Business & Management Collection now contains approximately 1,000 animated lectures and case studies by leading experts from commerce, industry and academia, with February seeing the release of the first 4 talks from the new series “Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Applications in Industry.”

All Imperial College London members can view the complete collection at

Lectures and case studies are easy to integrate and embed in courses to further enrich the teaching and learning experience.  They are all compatible with Moodle, Blackboard, and other online learning management systems.

Recent releases include:

The fundamentals of business intelligence – what it does and why it’s so essential Dr. Michael McDonald – Fairfield University, USA

Big data in corporate finance Dr. Michael Puleo – Fairfield University, USA

Using social media data in investments Dr. Ying Zhang – Fairfield University, USA

Pricing strategy with business intelligence Dr. Michael McDonald – Fairfield University, USA

How WWF partnered with Nokia to promote conservation Mr. Graham Minton – Director of Corporate Relations, World Heart Federation, Switzerland

Going global: foundational ideas Prof. Anil K. Gupta – University of Maryland, USA and INSEAD, France

Entrepreneurship and Indian IT outsourcing: the good, the bad, and the money saved Prof. Rafiq Dossani – Stanford University, USA

How Southwest Airlines challenged a global crisis Dr. Kim Cameron – University of Michigan, USA

Titles in the collection can be found on Library Search. Please contact us via ASK the Library if you have any queries.



New content added to online map tools – Digimap and Geofacets

Library Services have extended our Digimap subscription to include the Aerial collection. Aerial Digimap offers detailed aerial photography from Getmapping Plc, with both a mapping and a data download facility available. Aerial Roam can be used to view, annotate and print the aerial photographs as well as an overlay function to allow comparison with current Ordnance Survey mapping. Aerial Download can be used to download the data for use in GIS or CAD (e.g. ArcGIS). Data is delivered in jpeg format each with a corresponding world file (.jgw).

New content has also been added to the Geofacets database. In addition to over 650,000 geological maps and data in the journal literature already available, the new content includes figures and tables such as seismic profiles, stratigraphic columns, photographs, well logs and data. As with the maps and data, this new content can also be downloaded and integrated with tools such as ArcGIS, GoogleEarth, Excel and Petrel.

Go to Digimap

Go to Geofacets

Soft Robotics: new journal added December 2016

Library Services now subscribe to the journal Soft Robotics (access from volume 1 2014). It has an impact factor of 6.130 (top journal in robotics).

Soft Robotics (SoRo) is an innovative peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the science and engineering of soft materials in mobile machines. The Journal breaks new ground as the first to answer the urgent need for research on robotic technology that can safely interact with living systems and function in complex natural or human-built environments.

Coverage includes:

  • Soft material creation, characterization, and modeling
  • Flexible and transient electronics
  • Soft actuators and sensors
  • Control and simulation of highly deformable structures
  • Biomechanics and control of soft animals and tissues
  • Biohybrid devices and living machines
  • Design and fabrication of conformable machines

You can find Soft Robotics on Library Search or try it at the link below.

Soft Robotics

New Business resources

It’s been a while since we posted as library staff have been working hard renewing all our titles so that they’re ready for the new academic year. Each year we review the databases and journal packages we provide to make sure we are getting the best deals and the resources which will be most useful to you. Here are two new Business resources being introduced this year:

MarketLine Advantage

MarketLine Advantage is a leading source of market research information.  It contains company, country and industry intelligence, with research and data extending across every major marketplace in the world.

CEPR Discussion Papers

The CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research) publishes more than 700 Discussion Papers per year on a variety of subject areas.  The Discussion Papers archive consists of more than 10,000 papers from 1984 onwards.

The best way to access both of these is through Library Search and if you have any questions please contact our Business support team on



CINAHL – a new database for nursing and allied health professionals

Library Services have recently subscribed to CINAHL.

CINAHL is the most comprehensive database for information relating to nursing and allied health disciplines including medical/laboratory technology, dental hygiene, athletic training and speech-language pathology. It includes articles from nearly 3000 journals, health care books and conference proceedings.

Why not test your Medicine librarian by seeing if they can remember what CINAHL stands for?! (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Health Literature)

Our Medicine Subject Support page lists your librarians as well as providing a link to CINAHL in the Bibliographic Databases section. You can also find CINAHL via Library Search or clicking on the link below.


There are help sheets to help you use CINAHL in the searching and browsing section of this EBSCO help page.

Library Services welcome your feedback about all our resources, please send us your comments and enquiries via ASK the Library.

Rebecca Jones, Liaison Librarian (Medicine), Charing Cross Campus Library

New journal for Medicine

Following a suggestion from the School of Public Health, Library Services have recently taken out a subscription to a new journal, The Lancet HIV.

This exclusively online journal is dedicated to publishing original research that advocates change in, or illuminates, HIV clinical practice.

Try The Lancet HIV now

If you would like to send the Library your own suggestions for additions to our online collections please contact your subject librarian. We also welcome suggestions for new book titles, just complete a book suggestion form.


Altmetrics added to Library Search

In recent months Library staff have been developing Library Search to include the well-known Altmetrics ‘donut’.

So how does Altmetrics work?

  • See the Altmetrics badge (aka ‘donut’)
  • Hover over it to find where the paper has been mentioned in the news policy and social media and how many times
  • Each media type is a colour, so the more places a paper is mentioned the more colourful the badge appears
  • To go into the detail, click through to the Altmetrics site and check out each tab

Try it now: Go to Library Search,  search for “Why a pandemic flu shot caused narcolepsy”.

You can find lots of further information in this video Getting started with Altmetric badges












This week we’re pleased to tell you that our trial of Geofacets was successful and we have now subscribed to the database.

Geofacets allows you to find maps in the geological journal literature by search terms or by geographic region. It will be especially helpful for students and staff in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering.

Over 550,000 maps can be found in journals from publishers including: AAPG, AGU, Elsevier, Geological Society of London, SEG, SEPM and Wiley. Links to the full text of articles on publishers websites are included (Imperial subscription-dependent) as well as read-only PDFs of all articles.

Most maps are georeferenced and data can be integrated with tools such as ArcGIS, GoogleEarth and Petrel.

Try Geofacets now

Business databases at the Central Library

If you need access to Business databases just visit level 2 at the Central Library where you will find a suite of PCs for using Bloomberg, Datastream and Macrobond.

Bloomberg contains global financial data and is available on 11 PCs (6 PCs by Careers and 5 PCs by Seminar room 210). You will need to create your own login to use the database.

Datastream contains current and historical global market and company financial data, including equities, unit and investment trusts, market indices, bonds, international macroeconomics, commodities, interest rates, exchange rates, futures and options. It is available on 3 PCs  by Seminar room 210.

Macrobond contains global and historical economic data and is available on all PCs on level 2.

To ensure access to Bloomberg or Datastream at the time you require we advise you to make a booking.

For more information about the Business databases provided by Library Services, and for help, please email your Business librarians at or visit our Business Support web pages.


Henry Stewart Talks

The Library has recently organised a subscription to the Henry Stewart Talks Biomedical & Life Sciences and Business & Management Collections for Imperial members and alumni.

These collections include over over 2,000 online seminars by leading world experts including many Imperial academics. They are constantly expanded and updated, and lecturers are free to use the videos in teaching and course modules.

The best way to access the collections is at the links below or through Library Search.

For alumni access please contact the Alumni office.

Please contact the Library with your feedback, we’d love to hear how you are using these videos!

Henry Stewart Talks Biomedical & Life Sciences BannerHenry Stewart Talks Business & Management Collection banner