Month: April 2017

Oxford Clinical Psychology

Library Services are pleased to announce our subscription to the new e-book collection Oxford Clinical Psychology.

There are over 300 titles available to you, covering a broad range of specialty areas, disorders and treatment modalities.

Oxford Clinical Psychology is the leading digital resource for clinical psychologists and psychology professors, researchers, students and trainees. Home to Oxford’s growing list of clinical psychology books written and compiled by experts on the field, the site provides the trusted information you need to understand psychological disorders and how to provide the best mental health care for your clients. You can quickly search or browse for the specific information you need and download the text, chapter and figures.

Try Oxford Clinical Psychology now or find it on Library Search.

NHS library members can access this resource via their OpenAthens accounts (choose Login, My Resources, Oxford Clinical Psychology).

If you have any queries about this or any other e-books please ASK the Library at

New Business resources

Library Services are pleased to provide access to the following new Business resources:

Moody’s Default and Recovery Database

Moody’s is available on 2 PCs in the Central Library. It contains data on defaults, recovery from default and ratings changes for all corporate issuers of long term bonds.

RavenPack News Analytics via WRDS

RavenPack News Analytics provides real-time structured sentiment, relevance and novelty data for entities and events detected in the unstructured text published by reputable sources. More information is available from RavenPack. is an online portal dedicated to risk management, derivatives and complex financial products. Content includes full access to Risk journals plus industry news and analysis.  Titles include:

  • Risk
  • Asia Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Insurance Risk
  • Hedge Funds Review
  • Structured Products
  • Energy Risk
  • Journal of Risk
  • Journal of Operational Risk
  • Journal of Credit Risk
  • Journal of Computational Finance
  • Journal of Energy Markets
  • Journal of Investment Strategies
  • Journal of Risk Model Validation
  • Journal of Financial Markets Infrastructure
  • Journal of Network Theory in Finance

For assistance with any of our online resources, please contact Library Services.